Way Cables Poetry RCA 1m, Demo-Kabel

Way Cables Poetry RCA 1m, Demo-Kabel

Artikel-Nr.: ZNF13663

Ein Kabel im Abverkauf wegen Modellwechsel.
Das bisheri beste Cinchkabel von Way Cables, das POETRY.

Nochmals hörbar besser als das Harmony, mit mehr Details und gleichzeitig sanfterer Klangqualität.

Cable type: Analog audio interconnect, directional
Design: Unique extreme damping system from sound vibrations, noise and RFI/EMI interferences
Conductors: Certified soft solid-core 4N pure silver (min. 99.99% purity and >106% conductivity)
Gauge: 17.99 AWG / 0.825 mm²

Insulation: Thick and high density weaving pure cotton with 1.3k dielectric constant, specially made for the Way Cables

Termination: Customized KLE Innovations ABSOLUTE Harmony RCA plugs (Ultra pure solid silver tubular signal pin & single point ground contact with >106% conductivity, anodized aluminium housing)

Soldering: Lead-free with high percentage of silver

Flat outer finishes: Dark red thick pure cotton and black soft nappa leather
Ring with cable direction marker: Engraved natural bamboo

Outer cable diameter: cca. 19 x 14 millimeters / 33 x 19 mm with leather jacket
Burn-in time: >200 hours

UVP 1999.- Euro. Sehr guter Zustand, komplett mit Holzkiste und Zertifikat.

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Way Cables Poetry RCA 1m, Demo-Kabel

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